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We ship world wide.

We have a strict No return policy on Snorkel kits and LED light kits. This is due to past copyright infringements.

All Sales are Final.  


Return policy

Always operate your ATV within the manufacturers specified limits. Adding a snorkel kit to your machine will not make it bullet proof.   


Quality products at a fair price. Our mission is to provide this.


We have seen a need for

Custom installs and complete kits shipped out.

We offer Snorkel kits for most makes and models. Our line up of products is ever growing. We also offer LED glow kits as well as LED Angel Eyes kits.

What We Offer

We offer our Snorkel kits with WARRIOR RISERS as well as some made from Schedule 40 PVC and in most cases this PVC is from special order Black PVC parts.

If your near Dallas Texas, you can contact us to set up an installation on your machine. Installs usually require us to keep the machine over night.

It all started in 2006 with the new Can Am Outlander 800 Snorkel Kit we designed from the ground up to revolutionize how we snorkel our ATV's. The clean look and performance of our designs catapulted our company to lead the Snorkel kit industry. Now we offer over 70 different model snorkel kits. And our new Angel Eye line up is growing just as fast.

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